Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

This is our typical home inspection that catches common defects so you understand the investment you’re making.


Some homeowners want to make repairs to their house before they put it on the market and will make repairs using their inspection report as a baseline reference. Please understand that most buyers will still want to perform their own inspection even if the seller has already had an inspection done.


A homeowner may want a list of repairs to work off of. Sometimes, it’s difficult to objectively evaluate your own house. An objective inspection report can help the homeowner prioritize home repairs.

UAS (Drone) Inspection

While inspection SOP dictates that walking on the roof is not required, we prefer to physically access the roof via ladder when safe. If unsafe, we have the ability to utilize UAS (Drone) equipment to gain visual documentation of the roof surfaces and structure. This helps us identify any possible defects with a high level of detail, accuracy and perspective.

Move-In Certified

Are you selling your home? Let an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® from Georgia Prime Home Inspections inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified® home has been pre-inspected, which means that the seller can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards.

Waterproofing, Foundation & Drainage Consulting

Do you have foundation issues or water leaking into your home, crawlspace or basement? Have you received quotes from multiple companies and need help making sense of what they are telling you? Georgia Prime Home Inspections can assist you by providing an unbiased, objective evaluation of your problem and the estimates you have received, and can recommend the best solution that actually addresses the issues you are having.

My Inspections Include the Following:


A condo inspection EXCLUDES the Roof, Site, Exterior, Insulation, Attached Garages/Carports and sometimes the Structure. These systems typically are owned/maintained by the Home Owner’s Association. A typical manufactured house does not provide access to the attic space. Rarely is there an attached garage.


Inspection fee varies by size and age of house


Includes the entire roof and both units


Includes the entire roof and all units.


Includes entire roof and 4 to 8 randomly chosen apartment units.


Please call for a price quote. A commercial building is more involved and may require a field visit for an accurate price quote.

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